5 Must Haves for Your Outdoor Patio Area

When it comes to your outdoor patio area, there are a few important rules to stick to; make memories, feel the breeze, soak in the sun, listen to the birds & relax! To assist with following these rules, we have rounded up the top 5 trends home-owners are incorporating into their outdoor oasis.

Is your family looking for that perfect place to create memories? Imagine working in your garden on a hot sunny day, then relaxing in a hot tub with the stars in the sky! Is a “staycation” in your near feature! We think so!

Whether you are building new, remodeling, or finding small ways to add a personal touch to your personal space, this list is for you!

Fireplace with Seating

There are countless options available on the market to heat up your outdoor space; from built in fireplaces that seamlessly fit into your deck, to a standalone stone fire pit with enough seating for all your loved ones, the choice is yours. Some home-owners opt for a focal point fireplace that catches any visitor’s eye. Seating options are endless, and you can find your perfect spot on a lounger, outdoor sofa or comfy wicker chairs that are meant to withstand anything your patio can throw at it.

Another trend we are loving is a two-sided fireplace. Perhaps one side is facing a three season’s room, or maybe it divides a casual dining area from lounge seating on the other side. How do you see a fireplace finding a home on your patio?

A Relaxing Hot Tub

No matter the shape or size of your existing patio and backyard, there is a hot tub that was made for you and your outdoor living space! More and more families are making room for a relaxing and memory making spa area and aren’t looking back. Marquis spas can be anything from the party waiting to happen to your happy place after a long day.

Personalizing your space around your spa has never been easier. With environments you can create seating, storage and more for you and your family. Store towels, patio lights, outdoor decorations and snacks. A hot tub may be that finishing touch you’ve been looking for, for your patio!


If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living space, we have just the ticket for you! More and more homeowners are opting to install a pergola in their outdoor space either over a seating area, or incorporating it into their garden. A pergola has open rafters, support beams and can either be free standing or attached to the home.

They also come in all shapes and sizes; pitched, arched, open top & promenade are a few of the many styles we love seeing in the backyard setting. They can be built with cedar or vinyl, each having their pros and cons. For instance, vinyl is long lasting but usually only comes in white or ivory.

Adding a pergola to your yard will add value, will give you a place to relax with your family and push you to spend more time outside!

Vertical Herb & Vegetable Garden

A vertical garden may be your new best friend! It’s the perfect way to add a touch of green to any size backyard, give you an instant hobby & will start saving you some trips to the grocery store!

A vertical garden can also act as a privacy wall for backyards that may be close to your neighbor. There are tons of DIY options out there that can help you reach any goal you set your mind to. Pallets are a great material for beginners and give a cool, rustic look to your backyard. Or perhaps mesh and wiring are all you need to get your garden growing!

Outdoor Kitchen

Entertaining and the general idea of soaking in every second of good weather have more families building outdoor kitchens. Generally it’s important to start with a fire source and install a quality BBQ grill. There are lots of options out there, from built-ins to portable grills. Some even have a built in stove, so your meal preparation, cooking & eating can all be outside!

The possibilities are endless for your backyard patio, but make sure to include something for everyone in your family; from sun to shade. Also keep air movement as the front runner of priorities, and finally, create a space that welcomes you to relax and unwind with your family!